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My name is Nada ,I believe we can live the best life ! and its possible through growth.

I discuss overall wellness and how bridging the gap between mind body and spirit can help us reach our potential with least resistance possible.

Ready to discover your new potential?

Value 1 : inspired from Quran to read and to share what I learnt with the world.

Value 2: inspired from Quran to create through Allah’s blessings.

Value 3:  inspired from Quran to share Allah’s blessings with the world.

How Can I Serve?

I read and share with you what I learnt 

Practical tools to increase quality of life

The Yana Journal is a tool developed to help you deal with tangled thoughts ! It eliminates the resistance to save time and energy ! So you can spend it on people and things you LOVE

It’s simple , light and flexible to your needs. It guides you in few minutes without compromising your lifestyle nor freedom.

The true value of this journal was witnessed when I felt like shit,When the last thing you want to do is think of the jolliness of life, yet you end up doing so,because you have created a habit,
and that, is where the jewel of this journal lies,

Suhailah Khawashki


The purpose behind this journal is a noble one, & you really don’t realize it until you’ve made writing in it a habit. I especially love that there is room to customize it to suit your needs while still having  a structure. Recommend it to add positive habit in a chaotic life.


Yana Journal helped me sit down everyday and ask myself what do I want? and How am I gonna get it? It’s funny to think that before this journal the idea of writing down my thoughts was terrifying; but now I’m understanding myself more & it is thanks to Yana.     


This journal really helped me externalize my thoughts. I used to let my subconscious take the wheel and drive some very important feelings in my life but not anymore. The Yana journal has helped me evolve my thought process & brought tremendous positivity to my life. 


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