Aloha ! I am Nada. I realized in order to feel good, we need to Consider & Nurture the 4 layers that make us human. Physical , Mental , Emotional , Spiritual.

As a Certified Nutritional Coach and Entrepreneur I bring you solutions to feel your best.

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Bring you simple facts for better wellness

Bring you practical tools to increase life’s quality

The Yana Journal is a tool developed to help you deal with tangled thoughts !

It eliminates the resistance to save time and energy ! So you can spend it on people and things you LOVE

It’s simple , light and flexible to your needs. Guiding you in few minutes without compromising your lifestyle nor freedom.

Our Happy Clients

The true value of this journal  was most witnessed when I felt like shit,When the last thing you want to do is think of the jolliness of life, yet you end up doing so,because you have created a habit, that is where the jewel of this journal lies.”

Suhailah Khawashki

I especially love that you have the room to customize it to suit your needs while still having some rough idea of a structure. Definitely recommended for anyone trying to infuse some habit in their chaotic life.


This journal really helped me externalize my thoughts.I used to let my subconscious take the wheel and drive some very important feelings in my life but not anymore. Yana brought tremendous positivity to my life.


Coaching Certifications


Coaching Certifications

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