Hello ! My name is Nada

Im an engineer and a wellness coach
7 years ago I started my health journey

I watched a TEDx talk of Dr.Daniel Amen
That explained in order to have the best brain I would need to have the healthiest body.

And Snap!  A connection between mind and body was created

Being overweight I decided to start eating healthy and working out

Later I realized in order to just feel good every day, I need to consider the 4 layers that make me who I am

The Physical           Body
The Mental            Thoughts
The Emotional      Feelings
The Spiritual         Motivation
( What makes me wake up every day)

All these are connected
They are one, and we are as strong as our weakest link

And improving one improves the others

Yana is a platform, a vehicle where there are services and products that serve your wellness journey.

Products and information that help you feel good every day.❤

My background

Bachelor of Industrial engineer

Certified transformational nutrition coach

Crossfit level 1 Coach

Taekwondo Blue Belt

I pride myself on having a diverse background which leads me to create special customized products and services for my clients.

My engineering profession allows me to design solutions and put them out in the real world.

My wellness certifications and experience helps me create services that are concerned with the health of the 4 layers of wellness ( physical mental emotional and spiritual )

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” Holistic: It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational and irrational aspects. ”