Ish is for bio penetration

Or Bio hacking

Control or alteration of data for our bodies

To get the desired result

Give you an example:

Do you want to sleep?

The equation is simple:

Our eyes are the sensors that give our brain if it is day or night

For the one who guides the light> the nerves of our eyes feel in it> send to our brain it’s night> secretes the hormone melatonin from the pineal gland> sleep

But for those who have light in the text of the night …. our mind is confused

The conscious brain says it is night and sleep time

But the data say during the day, when there are hormones that we need to sleep … if my father sleeps … I dedicate the lights around me an hour before

Clear applications blue light blocker

And if in the light around me, it is red, not white, or yellow

Because my brain knows that it is sunset and starts to sleep at night

Those who have trouble sleeping, try it and tell me

Because most people can sleep a lot of thinking

This hormone controlled by light guides the nerves and prepares the body for sleep and recovery to become bedtime.

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