Spill Your Brain Juice

I came to love journaling

Not a diary,  I never liked the idea of putting all my thoughts and daily activities in a paper that anyone can see, but if that’s what you are into, I would encourage you to do so diary and journaling have similar benefits!

I would describe journaling as a white blank page so you can spill your brain juice on and it would be saved for eternity whenever you need to go back to it.

               Reasons I Journal                 

One Place for Ideas

Somehow ideas in your head bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball but on a journal page, it turns out to be just 3 simple tasks to be done. From my experience tasks in your brain don’t have a timeframe, so you think you have to do all those tasks now at this moment in time when actually you don’t. When my brain runs wild again I just take a glance at my journal entry where it has a structured view of my tasks so my brain takes a chill pill and focuses on the current task.

Having parallel tasks to do at once will decrease your productivity because it takes about 2-5 mins to readjust after moving from one parallel task to another, yes thinking of something else other than the task at hand is a parallel task.

Also, it is good for me when I write down some ideas immediately when I think about them to remember them later. Moreover, I do use it during meetings at work or when I have phone calls to keep track of the history of the conversation.


I think everyone has tried this at least once in their life they start writing how they feel on a piece of paper and realize some information that came up we didn’t really think about .. its good to know how you really feel to best approach the situation.

Research has shown that while writing with pen and paper our left hemisphere of the brain (analytical) is occupied that it allows our right brain (intuitive) to feel which helps in removing mental blocks to better understand ourselves. (1)

Envisioning the future

When I’m anxious or stressed about something, or just nervous about my upcoming big meeting with my boss or my test in Taekwondo.

I open an empty page clean and ready to wreck it. I envision my future on it specifically on the topic I am stressed about, I write in past tense as if I passed that portion of life in a successful way. I use these a lot when I face challenges, in fact, I used it when I moved from my parents’ house to a new city alone I used to write one every 3 weeks and keep reading it so I feel relaxed. When I see my writing after I passed that life challenge it makes me proud.

An example for that before going to interview writing  ( written July 1st):

I did my interview today July 5th, I was wearing my purple abaya that I like, I was greeted nicely in the reception. The interviewers were welcoming. I expressed myself clearly and in a humorous way. They enjoyed their time with me. I left feeling good and Today July 7th I got an offer and I am excited and happy.

Last thought:

I honestly believe in the power of pen and paper, there is something special about it other than typing. I don’t know what is it yet, but I know God had sworn with the pen in the Holy Quran saying:

 ن وَالْقَلَمِ وَمَا يَسْطُرُونَ – سورة القلم


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References :

(1) http://www.collective-evolution.com

2 thoughts on “Spill Your Brain Juice

  1. This is by far my favorite post; your thoughts were well organized, and I felt the impact of the topic.
    Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  2. Loved it! 👍🏻
    And thank you for sharing these tips with me before! I loved the part about envisioning the future, cuz I’ve tried and it was amazing! Now you just reminded me to do it again! I got a lot on my plate recently that I guess I need to spill out :p

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