What make’s us different ?
Persistence is key not force
This car is challenged but blessed
this car gave us what no education system can give us 
it is our scholar
its our sensei
its our coach 
its a car but really its  faith in form of a car
it transformed us made us hope and push push forward
it made us understand that there is never the perfect time
never THE perfect circumstances

our car is like a lotus 
it came from darkest hardest place into the light 
a beautiful and EXTRAORDINARY flower with tough and harsh ENVIRONMENT 
this car doesn’t only represent us 
this car represent us all
you me and everyone
it represents our lotus home ( saudi arabia ) when it bloomed in these short decades
it represent everyone here when circumstances stood in your way but you overcome them
this car represent our late king’s quote in the best way possible
when you invest in us your investing in you me and all of us
your spreading awareness for everyone to grow your sending 
that message you wanted to send when you overcame your 
hardest moment in life and wanted to give ppl hope and tell them your stronger than you think and you can do anything with FAITH 

Faith is the hardest thing ever , I wrote this same time last year ,  talk about an experience .. you know what made it the best experience in my life yet ; the team ; the human element that added to us in a way that’s spiritual more than anything else a strong bond between individuals fighting for something noble to represent our country in the best way . The tricky thing about faith is that we are faithful all year until things get hard then we break down ! but that is not the meaning of faith .. faith means when shit hit the fan you stay composed and have the confidence referring to that you can make it here you will and can make it to their other side. I wrote this in the blog although its a personal experience to show you that faith is universal , I am sure you related to the speech in someway or another although you didn’t experience whatever i am referring to  and that’s what makes us beautiful and makes us human .. because we are all connected with a force bigger than us we empathize and love ( love isn’t only romantic) and that’s a universal language.
so keep yourself close to god to have the strength to sustain faith when its tough ..
and maintain amazing people around you , those who beleive in you and speak with you in honesty they will enhance your faith !
and remember we are all in a journey to becaome better versions of ourselves everday
so keep learning keep loving <3
with peace,
P.S please indulge in the pictures below and feel the energy of love of this amazing human bond 

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