Don’t Trust Your Gut

Lets start this blog post by some hardcore facts :

1) The small intestines surface is an area of a tennis court
2) It has 10 times more cells in the intestines than the rest of the body
3) There are more neurons in the gut than the are in the spinal cord
4)  It Produces 75% of neurotransmitters and 95% of the body serotonin ( a natural mood stabilizer )
5) Contains 70-80% of the immune system

Hey don’t get me wrong, I am all about trusting your gut your intuition, I am very much an intuitive person and always advise people around me to follow their gut feeling, but what I didn’t know about this magical lie detector and highly perceptive organ is that it can get confused and send out false messages.
So I’ll update my title:
Do trust your gut ONLY when its healthy 
In many researches you will find that since the gut consumes this big special area of our bodies and has more neurons than the spinal cord, they call our gut as our Second Brain! and  believe that it influences mood and well being ( LIFE HACK ALERT) !
I am sure you have heard of IBS before irritable bowel syndrome or ( قولون عصبي ) . We thought the cause of IBS is extreme anger or emotional imbalance that causes the gut to act up ; this is good assumption that correlates how we feel with bowel irritability. But what we didn’t know is that it worked the other way around. If our emotions can be communicated through our gut, then our gut can communicate with our brain.
So lets investigate more; the gut’s main function as we perceive it is to digest food , if our mood is excessively fluctuating then our gut function will be disrupted. If we assume the other way around then if we disrupt our gut function, then our mood also will be effected. How can the gut function be disruptive you ask? well it begins with what you put in your body, and then how you treat your body.
Yup its the usual and simple answer healthy food Active lifestyle vs. Processed food Idle lifestyle.
Our bodies are the most sophisticated machines out there, if you consume weird food that it doesn’t recognize it will send out an alarm. And trust me you will not like how that alarm comes up.  Its like using diesel as fuel for a car that only takes patrol.
( major breakdown , maybe )
I have IBS, and let me tell you its a mind baffling experience, this gut not only makes me bloat and have physical pain but also hacks my brain and sends crazy messages, it causes me mood swings, anxiety attacks, nightmares and even hallucinations.
Until I started cleaning my food, sleeping well and drinking enough water that it started to heal.
We all have guts and all of us are prone to having them act out in different ways, they are just communicating with us. IBS isn’t the problem IBS is just a symptom of the problem. Our true problem is in how we lead our life and its also our solution.
It is a great gift to have our healthy guts and trusting our guts in times we need it. Because not everything in this world is 1+1=2  , so heal your gut to get more intune with your TRUE self and intuition.
Serious illness like depression may result just from your gut because of what you chose to put in your mouth
isn’t this amazing!


I hope this blog inspires you to take care of yourself more, to get educated about your health and to listen to your body more. As I am doing for myself
Yours ,

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