Master The Wave

Imagine you are in an ocean full of tides and waves, strong waves your human body can not resist , you try going against it cause well ! its your choice and you are human with a brain and have the freedom of choice “ego ” and also because your destination is on the opposite side of the wave and you want to get there as fast and as soon as possible. As they say the only way out is through “right “.

Not right !!  well not exactly , so the analogy I am trying to make is that life is like that ocean, it sometimes has rough waves and sometimes is still and calm. Let’s say when you set out on your journey the ocean is still. So calm beautiful blue salty but sweet ocean no waves quite and easy and you find yourself gliding through your almost at the deep end, your feet can barely touch the ground and now you need to start depending on yourself to move forward towards your destination. If you know how to swim, the first rule of swimming would be to keep calm and move your limps in synchronicity to reach your destination. But if you don’t know you will start splashing creating resistance and most probably move away from your destination or drown yourself.

Middle way to your destination the waves start to rage, even between themselves no synchronicity, some go right some go left, and some meet awkwardly. You are almost to your destination, but it seems like you can never reach your goal, frustration is built up and you end up creating more resistance and losing more energy fighting something bigger than yourself.

The Moral of the story: 

You can not fight water, you can only work with water. Same applies for life you cant act in high scattered frequencies and expect to reach your destination even in the mellow state, because your causing unnecessary resistance. Make use of the human powers to adapt to utilize available resources. Stop splashing or fighting the water, work in synchronicity and use the raging waves period to recharge and relax instead of wasting energy. Be more like water flexible and mellow but somehow gets through everything and reaches everywhere. Adapt to how life really works around you not how your ego wants it to work. Be patient, its okay to take breaks when times are tough

and ” Just keep Swimming”.


“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground
over which it flows; the soldier works out his victory in relation
to the foe whom he is facing.”

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