Ramdan & sleep

In ramdan dont ditch sleep⁣

During sleep we go through 3 stages⁣

1.light sleep⁣

  1. Rem sleep ⁣
  2. Deep sleep⁣

The percentage of deep sleep is 20% of total sleep⁣

Why deep sleep is important?⁣

In our whole body we have a lymphatic system to flush away all the toxins except in our brains⁣

But recently scientist have discovered that during deep sleep the cerebrospinal fluid⁣

Increases in our brains in a rapid way and flushes the toxins⁣

This only happens during deep sleep⁣

In simple terms if your not getting your sleep⁣

You waking with constipated brian⁣

Now we are in ramdan ,⁣

Working on detoxing our bodies⁣

Dont forget to sleep and detox your brain⁣

How is your sleep in ramdan?⁣

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