Yana Journal عربي ازرق


Yana Journal is your daily Companion.  (English & Arabic Options)!!

It is short, simple but effective it will compliment your hustle!

Benefiting you in

  • Appreciating Your Now,
  • Being More Focused
  • Establishing Thought Awareness

It’s Time! Take Care of You


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  1. Yana Journal  :
  1. Intention ( Setting General Intention of the day )
  2. Planner Section ( Tasks of the day & Habits)
  3. Mindful Exercises ( Probing questions to count blessings, reflect, be aware, & program the subconscious mind)
Why is this journal special? 
  1. Time Saver: 5 minutes and your Done!
  2. Efficient Effective: Simple to fill but has large impact 
  3. Small Size: Easy to carry with you everywhere
  4. Lays flat: You don’t need muscles to open this journal and keep it open, it will lay flat for fast access
  5. Freedom: Empty pages for free writing for those days your feeling extra inspired

This post is also available in: Arabic


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